Present Yourself As a Pro
With A Website Designed For PMU Artists!

With a Customized, Ready To Go Website
  • Present yourself as a Serious Professional
  • Impress your followers and convert them to booked appointments
  • Inexpensive + Less Than 1 Month Average Delivery Time

Over 160 Beauty Artist Websites Built.

After all that experience, we know EXACTLY how to design your website to get you customers.

We Offer 2 Plans:

Hustler Plan

Ideal for the artist that operates solo and offers just a few services

A one page brochure style website with everything you need on one single page


(BeautyPro Prime Member Price $927)

Pro Plan

Ideal for the artist that offers several services which require more detailed explanation and pricing, and who may have associates that they wish to include on their website. This is a website more for a business, than a solo artist.

A multiple page website including a bio page, about us / meet our team, services, pricing,  contact us, etc)


(BeautyPro Prime Member Price $1,277)

Examples of Our Websites

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What’s Included in Each Plan?

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Hustler Plan
One page website
Integrates with social media
Connects to a booking engine
Uses your own custom domain name *(see FAQ below)
Multiple templates to choose from
Customizable (including your logo, font, color scheme, photos and text)
Mobile optimized
Basic SEO package included
Requires a hosting plan *(see FAQ below)
Includes SSL security
Pro Plan
Multi page website
Includes EVERYTHING that the Hustler Plan offers, plus...
Includes additional pages:
About us
Meet our team
Detailed services
Contact us

How does the process work?

  • You submit the form at the bottom of this page
  • Our team will contact you and answer any questions
  • After completing payment, you’ll meet with our design team
  • You send your photos, logo, bio, contact info, etc.
  • A little back and forth and our team delivers you your customized website!

Already Have a Website, But Wish to Upgrade to One Of Our Plans?

Usually, our team can easily migrate your current website over to the website we are offering you. If you have any questions, simply contact us and our team can answer any technical questions you may have…

Bonuses & Discount For BeautyPro
Prime Members...

  • members receive a $70 discount plus...
  • A lead capture popup form & a “lead magnet” video added to your website for FREE so that you begin collecting emails from your visitors! ($97 Value)
  • Our email automation sequence swipe file for FREE so you may use it for email marketing with your leads! ($47 Value)
  • FREE access to our course “How to Get Beauty Clients Using a Website” ($97 Value)
  • Optional online booking system integration where your clients can schedule appointments easily with you right on your website!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will own your website and we can transfer it to any host you like. However most of our customers request for us to host it for them. Our hosting plan also includes a support package for only $19.99/month. If you have any minor changes that are needed (such as changing photos or adding a service, or adding a short term notice, you will have a dedicated representative to help!

Of course! You can provide us any website domain name you wish and our team will configure it for you. However, you will need to purchase it. They are usually super cheap, like $12 or $14 per year… You can search for the name you want on

Absolutely! In fact, most of our customers do that… We simply make the Book Now! button on your website link to your online booking system where your customer can schedule appointments easily with you!

Easy! Visit and sign up today ? Our team will verify your membership when processing your purchase of the website. Simple!

We can provide a simple logo for you at no charge, but for a professionally designed logo you would need to have one made for you. We charge $100 for our graphics team to create a professional logo.

Your website will include a basic SEO package. This means that the back end of your website is configured for SEO. However, SEO includes an ongoing process involving many things that occur on the internet and not on your website. This would require the engagement with an SEO service provider. However, most of your traffic will come from social media and paid ads, not from search, so this is far less important than you may think.

It depends a lot on how fast you provide the digital assets that our team needs, such as logo, domain name, photos, bio, etc. Assuming our team has received from you everything they require, your website can likely be produced in 2 weeks depending on how busy our team is. Average delivery time is usually less than a month (again, assuming you provide your digital assets in a reasonable time)

Nope! Just the cost of the website up front and the hosting / support plan fee 🙂

We have created several different templates to choose from, but in addition, you may further differentiate your website by modifying the color scheme, font, photos, the slideshow images at the top of the landing page, text, logo, domain, and the call to action buttons. With a variety of templates to choose from and customizations described here, your website will likely be quite unique!

You may pay 50% at the start and 50% prior to delivery

You may apply for and if approved, PayPal will provide you no payments or interest on a loan as long as the balance is paid off inside of 6 months. Many customers take advantage of this option:-)

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