Once you select your course of interest, scroll down on the same page to see kit options and kit content available for that course.

Yes, every student of a live course will have the opportunity to work on a live model with guidance of their Master Trainer.

You can purchase our online microblade & shade course right on our website. You can find them under Training Courses>Online Training Courses in the main navigation. To register for any of the live certification courses, you need to contact our academy. You can either complete the quick form on the page of the course you are interested in, or you can contact us by phone at 561 563 6068 or email at info@beautyangelsacademy.com or you can use the LiveChat at the bottom of this website.

Maximum students we take is 14 per master instructor Per BASIC live certification course, 8 for advanced.

Just bring comfortable clothing and shoes. Dress Code: ALL Black

Lunch is provided both days.

Usually from 9am till 6.30pm, Depending on how many students there are

We have an ONLINE STORE where you can buy everything you need for microblading.

This is a very important question! The licenses and certifications you need to practice microblading in your own county and state will determine what is required for you to participate in the Live Certification Course.

Since many states and counties have different requirements, we highly encourage you to check with your local State Health Department to confirm required licenses in your state and county.

Please visit our Registration Agreements & Policies page for more information on this subject.

Both the individual performing microblading must have their own individual state licenses and certifications and the establishment in which they are performing the procedure must also have its own licenses (typically a tattoo establishment license and a biomedical waste license).

Since many states and counties have different requirements, we highly encourage you to check with your local State Health Department to confirm required licenses in your state and county.

No. Most states require a tattoo artist license. This can be obtained by completing an online Bloodborne Pathogens certification course. With this certificate and personal ID you can apply for the tattoo artist License. Some states require an apprenticeship. Please visit our Registration Agreements & Policies page covering this subject.

The maximum length of online support after the live course is 1-8 months depending on the course and selected kit option.

This depends on how much you practice. Everyone is different in their natural aptitude and ability and how much they practice. Regardless, in order to achieve the highly respected Beauty Angels’ certification, you must complete all 20 levels of the Basic Microblade and Shade online education to get your completion certificate, at which point you are placed as a Beauty Angel artist on the beautyangelsacademy.com map. However, upon completion of the actual 2 day training seminar, you will receive a certification of attendance.

Average of $7-$8 per treatment. You can do 20 procedures with one bottle of pigment.

You need to do market research in your area because this differs from city to city / state to state. Average price in the U.S. ranges from $450-$1500.

While results vary, many students recover their investment in 7 to 12 procedures, depending on what is charged for the microblading treatment. Therefore the answer to this question depends on how long it takes you to begin charging for microblading. And this will depend on how much you practice and how long it takes you progress and master our program.

This depends on your confidence level. You can do a few free treatments to practice and build up your confidence then start charging. Most students are ready within 1-3 months.

Depending on the kit between about 70.

Please visit our BE A MODEL page and submit the form.

When you take a live course with any trainer you can retake that SAME technique with any master around the world! You just have to pay for the model fee if you wish to work on a live model during that course and a small sit in fee (usually around $35, dependent on the master and country). This is very helpful for learning new tips and tricks from different masters or just refreshing your memory if you haven’t worked on a client in awhile. Keep in mind this does not grant you access to the app again after you graduate, it is just for the live training day(s). If you wish to sit in on a class just contact the master of your choice!