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Congratulations on your purchase of the Microblading Career Roadmap program!

We have many students earning six figures who have made it to our 6 Digit Club. We consulted with several of those students to determine what their exact steps were over the first 6 months of their microblading career.  This program contains those steps.  If you follow these steps and implement them over the next 6 months, you will be laying the foundation for what could become a rewarding and lucrative career in microblading and you may just find yourself featured as the next member of 6 Digit Club!

We have produced the content of this program in 3 different ways to help you receive the information and to ensure that you implement it.

After watching the videos below, read THIS EBOOK version of the program.

And importantly, use THIS CHECKLIST to ensure you take action.

We kindly ask that you honor us and your purchase of this program by not sharing your log in information. Our system monitors the number of IP addresses logged in to this program per registration name.

Thank you so much! We wish you the best of luck on your microblading career journey and sincerely hope that this program will help accelerate your achievement of the success you desire!

To 6 figures and beyond