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Now you can offer beautiful machine strokes and shading to everyone!

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Nano Strokes?

  • This course is for all artists, whether you’re a beginner or an expert PMU artist!
  • Create precise hair strokes or combine it with a soft, natural shading for a glam brow effect.
  • Whether you want to cover old permanent makeup or create beautiful brows, this machine technique is perfect for everyone! Even for clients with mature, thick, oily, or dry skin!
  • Be a pioneer of the machine Nano Strokes technique! Join Beauty Angels Academy!

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The Beauty Angels Academy

Nano Strokes Fusion Brows course will

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dawn of discovery?

With our NEW COURSE, you will learn how to create a super natural look or a full glam effect with this innovative technique.

When you purchase the Nano Strokes course, you will receive a

course on

Get the best of both techniques by creating precise hair strokes throughout the brow with Nano Strokes, leading to a beautifully shaded brow tail with the art of Fusion Brows.

You don’t want to miss out on this deal, it’s out of this world!


Nano Strokes allows you to make your wishes come true!

Don’t turn your clients away because they are not a good candidate for Microblading or Powder Brows.

Be one of the first artists to plump up the brows and bring them to life.

Brighten your portfolio and your business by giving your clients what they want and need!

What will I get with


  • Fully personalized online coaching from your Master Trainer
  • 24/7 access to our exclusive app: Beauty Pro App International
  • A strategically designed app for easy step-by-step understanding
  • Instant messaging services on the app to receive feedback from your Master Trainer
  • Get certified with an Internationally Recognized Academy
  • Join the Student Support Group on Facebook for additional support
  • Participate on our weekly Live Q&A Angel Support Time on Zoom with our worldwide Master Trainers
  • Attend unlimited Live Courses of the same technique with any Master Trainer when you purchase a Live Course


beauty angels academy


This online course is designed to take up to 6 months with personalized follow-ups with your trainer. All communication will be sent through the Beauty Pro App International, where students can send texts, photos, and voice messages with your trainer in order to receive feedback.

The Nano / Fusion Brows course by Beauty Angels is an innovative technique designed for All Artists that want to create precise hair strokes while also add shading to the brow, giving a natural and soft makeup effect. Be part of this new discovery and join Beauty Angels Academy!
No, this course can be taken in-person or online. However, after your live course you will continue your trainings through our App that is composed of well-developed levels.
It’s very easy to sign up, simply go to our Course List and click “Register Now”!