PMU Trainer's Success Guide


Do you find yourself always asking the same questions before taking the step?

Do you know how to get started with your training business?

Have you decided what to teach?

Do you know how to market yourself as a trainer?

Are you scared of losing your current client base if you transition to do trainings?

Introducing the



Your Ultimate Guide To Transitioning From Artist To Acclaimed Trainer

PMU Trainer’s Success Guide is your ultimate guide to transition from full-time artist to well-respected trainer, from two leading educators in the beauty industry, Kler Rosenberg and Sheila Bella.
In this guide, you’ll find all of the tools that you need to discover your identity as a trainer, market yourself, build your audience, how to set up a live and online course, and make more money as a PMU trainer.

The Educational modules are:

  • Crafting your offer
  • Building Authority, Marketing Your Course
  • PMU Trainer Essentials That You Need To Know

Learn from leading educators in the beauty industry, Kler Rosenberg and Sheila Bella!

Kler Rosenberg

Master Kler was one of the first artists to bring Microblading to the United States in a big way and has been teaching the art since 2016.
Having performed thousands of Microblading procedures and having personally taught over 6,000 students, Kler launched Beauty Angels publicly in March of 2019, her own worldwide PMU academy and store.
As Beauty Angels we are proud to have an Exclusive Club for PMU artists who have achieved 6 Figures income or more from their Permanent Makeup services.
Sheila Bella is a marketing expert and beauty business coach, as well as the President of The American Academy of Micropigmentation and founder of the Pretty Ambitious Summit.
She is considered a leader in the world of permanent cosmetics and beauty having built a 7 figure beauty business in 3 years.
In 2018, she pivoted to the online coaching industry and grew her online program, Pretty Rich Bosses, to 7 figures.

Sheila Bella

  • Find your identity as a PMU trainer
  • Develop the skills of a trainer
  • Build online and live courses
  • Identify your niche and build confidence in your skillset
  • Learn how to market yourself as a PMU trainer
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Sell out your trainings

What do we cover in this guide?

STEP ONE: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Are You Ready To Become A Trainer?

Developing The Skills Of A Trainer

Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting

STEP TWO: Put It Into Action

Crafting Your Offer

Finding Your Audience

Pricing Your Offer

Building Authority As A Trainer

Introducing Your New Brand

Marketing Your Course

PMU TRAINER’S SUCCESS GUIDE Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Highly Considered PMU Trainer

The Educational modules are:

  • Am I Ready To Be A Trainer?
  • Developing The Skills Of A Trainer
  • Building an Online and Live Course
  • Crafting Your Offer
  • Building Authority
  • Marketing Your Course
  • The PMU Trainer Essentials That You Need To Know

Learn how to make more money as a PMU trainer and stop doubting your ability to be a raging success. Learn the foundational tools that helped us build our 7-figure training programs and how you can do it yourself!